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  • 04/12/2016 | by Daniel Fitness Facts or Fiction

    Fitness_Facts_featI’m a firm believer that you cannot claim expertise until someone learns from your experience. That’s why I’m happy to answer questions all day, every day. Is static stretching bad? Is foam rolling a waste of time? What’s better to put on an injury—ice or heat? With over 35 years in the coaching, athletic injury, […]

  • 04/05/2016 | by Daniel Meat Snacks. Meet Profits.

    meatsnacks_featSnacks Are A Meaty Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. Grab Your Share! While sales of traditional sports supplements have continued to prosper, many have overlooked other types of products that have a high upside. The meat snack market is a perfect example of this. Another solid year of growth (an 11% increase in retail sales) took meat snack […]

  • 02/25/2016 | by Tammy Europa Sports Products and Lone Star Distribution Merge to Create the World’s Best Distributor of Sports and Health Nutrition

    headerEuropa Sports Products and Lone Star Distribution announced that they have merged to create the prominent distributor of sports and health nutrition. With complimentary cultures and a mutual dedication to premier service, the company now has an unmatched ability to deliver retailers everywhere a one-stop-shopping experience with access to many of the sports nutrition industries […]


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